Magisto Reveals Google Drive Integration For Its Automatic Video Editing Tool

Magisto’s dead-simple automatic video editing service is no stranger to Google’s ecosystem. It was integrated with YouTube’s Create tool just under a year ago, and the Magisto Android app just hit the Google Play Store in August. The trend shows no sign of slowing down. Today Magisto has revealed that it has linked up with Google Drive to provide editor-less editing for videos stored in Google’s cloud.

If you haven’t seen our previous coverage, here’s Magisto in a nutshell — once you upload some raw video to the service via either its web or mobile apps and choose some music to go with it, the cloud service chews on it all for a while before spitting out something that’s ideally better suited to sharing with others. Your mileage is certainly going to vary on that, but so far Magisto has been able to make even the most boring commute seem a bit more dynamic than usual.

Before today though, users of Magisto’s web app had to upload files directly to the service, which, suffice to say, didn’t do many favors for those who preferred to store their videos online. While the option to upload from Google Drive addresses a (highly specific) pain point, the big draw here is that sharing videos with friends and family on Google Drive means more footage for Magisto to intelligently cut up.

Really, the only bummer about Magisto’s announcement is that the service’s Google Drive integration is exclusive to the web app and YouTube for now (sorry, iOS and Android users). That said, Magisto isn’t done pushing its links with Drive just yet; the team is actively looking into bringing that functionality to mobile devices, as well as working to let users download their Magisto-processed videos straight into their corner of the Google cloud.