Jimmy Kimmel Proves: Apple’s Magic Is In The Brainwash

Apple has definitely perfected its magic trick. There’s no doubt about that. The company has the ability to brainwash, and I say that as someone who has been brainwashed myself by the beauty and simplicity of Apple products. But it stretches far beyond the actual hardware, software, or services, and delves straight into brand perception.

Reports even suggest that fanbois’ brains respond to Apple imagery the same way that religious fanatics’ brains respond to religious imagery. It’s an incredible feat, and some are so very indoctrinated that they stop trusting in their own sensory perception and simply trust the brand. Whole-heartedly.

Such is the case with this spoof from Jimmy Kimmel. The comedian took an iPhone 4 out on the streets (he believed it was an iPhone 4S… hypocrite) and told people it was the new iPhone 5. To be clear, no one but Apple employees (and possibly MG) has the new iPhone yet. It goes up for pre-order at 12:01 AM on Friday.

In any case, every person in the video thinks that the two-year old iPhone 4 is “faster,” “lighter” and even more durable than the iPhone 4S. Just because they were told it’s the iPhone 5. In fact, one guy was actually holding the iPhone 4S in his hand as he inspected what he thought to be the iPhone 5 (which, again, was the iPhone 4).

This is disappointing. I only hope that there were more than a few passersby who called out the Jimmy Kimmel crew on their ruse.

[via BGR]