The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple On Ecosystem: “Apple Got A Decade Head Start On Most People”

Right after the Apple press conference, an all-star panel took the stage at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco. Jim Dalrymple (The Loop), John Gruber (Daring Fireball), Tim Stevens (Engadget), MG Siegler (TechCrunch columnist) and Jason Snell (Macworld) told Darrell Etherington and the audience their first impressions of the new iPhone. Among the famous Apple writers, The Loop’s Dalrymple compared the situation of the new iPhone with competitors.

Even though Amazon may provide a good offer if or when they release a phone, Dalrymple said that “Apple got a decade head start on most people.”

In particular, when it comes to content, Apple has quietly built a big ecosystem for music, movies, apps and TV shows since the release of the first iPod and the launch of the iTunes Music Store.

John Gruber noted that “Amazon’s media ecosystem is almost completely U.S. only and a little bit in the U.K. whereas Apple has deals in around 100 countries.”

Apple is now capitalizing on its market advantage and is very careful with its most valuable product. In one of Apple’s promotional videos, Jony Ive said something interesting according to MG Siegler. Siegler summarized it by saying that “Apple can’t change things too drastically.”

When it comes to competing with the iPhone, many companies focus on hardware instead of software. Putting Android on a phone is often not enough when users want to buy music and movies. Google Play is an answer to those requests, but building a global integrated ecosystem takes years.

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