The iPhone 5 Comes With The New “Lightning” Connector

The iPod dock connector was built into every iPhone and iPod (except the iPod Shuffle) since 2003. But Apple finally upgraded the port to Lightning for the iPhone 5 at the press conference today. The rumors were true, it is an 8-pin port that transports only digital data and is 80 percent smaller. Even though many things are now done wirelessly thanks to AirPlay, Wi-Fi syncing and other technologies, the connector is still indispensable.

Durability was improved, it is reversible and therefore easier to use. But what about all your old accessories? Apple will sell adaptors to allow you to plug your old accessories.

In a video, Apple stated that the new connector was needed to free up some space inside the device and to make the iPhone 5 smaller.

Apple did not give many details and quickly moved to the next topic. We are still left wondering what the new connector is capable of aside from charging your device. Let’s just hope that the new connector is here to stay for the next ten years.

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