Investor And Director Greg Yaitanes Releases ‘Banshee’ Promo

Emmy award-winning director, angel investor, and TechCrunch Disrupt Judge, Greg Yaitanes, has released the promo to Banshee, his much-anticipated follow up to House (the most popular show on the planet, while he was directing). As an early investor in Twitter, Square, and Pinterest, Yaitanes made his mark by bringing the latest technology to his shows. During Banshee, for instance, Yaitanes scouted locations with Google Maps street view, saving his program thousands in man-hours and travel time (read more about the innovation of Banshee here).

Now that HBO/Cinemax has given him free rein to use technology however he likes, he’s on a mission to show that Silicon Valley-style collaborative management and technology can reduce the cost of production enough to sustain high-quality television, instead of perpetuate our current reality-show wasteland. Check out the TechCrunch Disrupt launch of the promo and let us know what you think!