Ev Williams: I Was Not A Good Ski Bum

Ev Williams went through a phase after he left Twitter. He became a ski bum. It turned out he was not very good at it.

Williams and Biz Stone appeared on stage today at Disrupt San Francisco 2012 to talk about their new venture – The Obvious Corp.

Williams said he and his wife decided that it would be great just to be outdoors. He grew a beard.

“I tried being a ski bum,” Williams said. “I was bad at that. I was okay at skiing.”

Williams said he realized that he liked building things more than hanging out on the mountain.

“It’s a lot more exciting than skiing every day,” Williams said.

Williams is like a lot of successful entrepreneurs They do take time off after having some success with their startups. But the lure to come back is often too difficult to resist. For Williams that has meant coming back to the startup world.