Apple Retail: 380 Stores, 83 Million Visitors Last Quarter

The Apple live press event has started, and the first thing Tim Cook wanted to talk about was Apple Retail. He specifically mentioned the opening of a new store in Barcelona, noting that the new addition was one of Apple’s largest. And of course, “it’s absolutely gorgeous,” he said. He also gave a quick update on Apple’s Retail numbers: 380 stores in 12 countries, with 13 coming on Friday, including the first Swedish store.

The stores saw 83 million visitors in the last quarter (April – June), Cook added.

To put this in perspective, in July’s earnings, Apple said then it had 372 stores, 123 outside the U.S., according to CFO Peter Oppenheimer. Those stores saw foot traffic of 813 million  visitors, or 17,000 visitors per store, per week. In January, Apple said it had 358 stores.


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