Airtime Launches Topic Chatrooms; Debate Who Should Win Disrupt Battlefield

How often do you finish reading an article and want to chat about it with someone right away? Especially if it’s a politics piece that I feel strongly about, I’ll be feverishly curious about how anyone could possibly disagree with the argument. Well, now you can find the perfect debate or conversation partner: video chat pairing service, Airtime, has launched topic-specific chatrooms exclusively for TechCrunch. The experimental feature will allow our readers to debate who should win our startup competition, the Battlefield, at our annual San Francisco TechCrunch Disrupt conference. The winners will be announced later this afternoon.

For reference, the finalists are Expect Labs, Gyft, Lit Motors, Prior Knowledge, Saya, YourMechanic, and Zumper.

Try out the service by clicking the button below and comment in this article about your experience with the new feature (or what you think Airtime should add).