Adeven Launches Analyzer To Give Mobile App Advertisers Combined Analytics And Tracking

When the mobile analytics and ad verification startup Adeven unveiled Apptrace, its free tool to enable users to get an overview of key performance indicators for apps residing in Apple’s App Store, we were sure it wouldn’t be long before a revenue-generating product reared its head. Today that’s happened, with the launch of analyzer, which combines analytics and tracking for mobile app advertisers that want to really understand where those user acquisitions are coming from and, crucially, which referrals are bringing in the most valuable users.

Pitched at media agencies and direct clients who want to gain a better insight into how their mobile app ad budget is performing across different channels, analyzer offers up app store data, analytics and revenue tracking via a single web-based dashboard and downloadable reports.

It’s able to do this by offering an SDK (iOS-only, for now) that app makers utilise in their apps and an associated tracking code so that users can be traced all the way from the referring ad to app download and signup and even in-app purchasing. The idea then is to know which media/marketing channels are performing best in terms of clicks, along with not only user acquisition but acquiring users that actually spend money or generate revenue in other ways.

Yes, I’m referring to the all important ARPU.

By offering a unified tool that encompasses both ad analytics and tracking, Adeven is claiming a first for the mobile app industry. Whether or not that is true, I’m not so sure. But either way, it certainly does make sense to join up the two features and, in the words of the company, should help marketeers “to find the sweetspot when it comes to ads, what ad networks work well and where their best customers come from”.

Adeven is based in Berlin and London, and has raised a seven-figure Series A round from Munich VC, Target Partners.