30 Rock Becomes The Latest Example To “Go Google”

The “Go Google” campaign is aimed at companies who want to adopt collaborative software on the cloud in their work environments. Basically, to get away from installing software like Microsoft Word and the like. I’m a fan of the Hall and Oates one.

There have been a few fun videos to demo the capabilities of collaborative Google Apps, but this one is pretty darn good. It uses the show “30 Rock” as an example, and it certainly makes a case for “Going Google”:


With recent additions like Hangout integration for Calendars, you can set up a weekly meeting with no need to do anything other than click “Join Hangout.” These are tools that Google has been using internally for years, and it’s safe to say that it’s well dog-fooded for the rest of us.

Do you use Google in the workplace? What have your experiences been like? For me, personally, I can’t imagine ever installing a piece of professional software again.

[Photo Credit: Flickr]