Marc Benioff: Google Squandered Its Enterprise Opportunity

At TechCrunch Disrupt SF today, Mike Arrington talked to CEO Marc Benioff about the future going forward for Salesforce, and how the company is taking on Asana, Box and Okta, and why the company didn’t end up buying Yammer. The CEO also talked about how he thinks Google has “squandered its enterprise opportunity.” In fact, the CEO sees quite a bit of opportunity for many companies to become the next Google, but they need to accelerate to reach a 30 percent growth. Facebook, he said, is one of those companies and has the potential.

As to whether or not Benioff thinks that Google will refocus, he said that he thinks Sergey and Larry (Google’s co-founders) are interested in other things. While Google does about $1 billion in enterprise, Benioff said, they’re still relatively small players in the market. In fact,, a acquisition, recently scored Google as a customer — over Asana — Benioff said.