Startup Alley Day 1: The Ectoplasmic Goo Of Innovation Oozes Out At Disrupt

Instruments on iPads and Minority Report-style gesture applications. Yes the variety of startups exuded like an ectoplasmic goo from Startup Alley today, where the atmosphere was electric with people pitching their companies to the passing VCs, investors, and journalists.

There’s nothing like running around with a microphone and a camera crew to get these people on video, so that’s just what we did today. Enjoy.

The companies we spoke to were:

Ensight Mobile – Mobile application development of games

MoMo (O2Jam) – Tapulous style games

instruMagic – Makes music-playing apps that everyone can play

ZOOZ Mobile – A music-sharing and discovery game

ZeroUI – Gesture apps, platforms, and interfaces for 3D cameras, e.g. Kinect

ZeBeDoo – done socially

Yoink – The free marketplace where generosity pays

Work for Pie – A community for open source software developers

Wine Luxury – A personalised app for checking out and discovering the best wine for your meal

WIKIFUN – Connecting fun people

Whitetruffle – We’re the eHarmony for talent, focusing on software engineers

Best Apps Market – – Game discovery like you’ve never seen it