Startup Alley Day 1: Social Planning, Saving Money And Making Mommy

In amongst the 160 Startup Alley companies exhibiting in San Francisco each day of Disrupt, there are an enormous variety of companies. It’s possible to switch from a startup aimed at new moms to a new enterprise cloud start-up in the space of just 3 feet. And every time you will find something brand new.

Check out the video above for a whirlwind ride through some of the companies in the show today and our previous video here.

Here are the companies covered above: – Endorphin is all about finding the right people in your social cloud who are friends and friends of friends, whether it’s work, dating, or fun.

FanWire – FanWire is a media aggregator for anything a user is a fan of. You like Madonna? Get your fix here.

Fluxx Labs – A social work platform, connecting everyone in your organization to the data that runs your business.

Forza6 – Six tools for mobile sales reps integrated in one single iPad app that works offline.

Geopon – Geopon is a savings, loyalty service, and mobile payment provider.

GoodMomming – Personalised baby feeding recommendations for new parents based on sites, age, etc., for the first three years of life.

Greenstack – A free iPhone app that makes saving money easy and fun by aggregating offers like Kayak does for travel.

GuestHub – A conversion-based influencer tracker for online campaigns.

GuidePal – GuidePal offers free curated city guides via mobile platforms.

Klamr – Klamr makes social planning for events easier.