Startup Alley Day 1: From Online Marketplaces To App Discovery To Sports Broadcasting

Sure, Disrupt is jam-packed with tech celebs, VCs, and the drama of the Startup Battlefield. But there’s perhaps an even more precious gem lying within the massive venue: Startup Alley.

This year in San Francisco, we have more than 160 Startup Alley companies each day, with companies from Brazil, Israel, South Korea, Chile, Argentina, and even Vietnam. It’s our largest and most varied batch yet, which is why we took a stroll through the Alley to get more acquainted.

In the video above, you’ll get a brief look at the following companies:

AppFlow: An iOS app that helps you discover new apps through crowdsourcing.

Ascendify: A social recruiting platform for big business to connect in a real way with potential employees.

Bawte: An app that hooks up with Facebook and Twitter and lets you scan a product you’ve bought, cutting out filling out any registration cards, and making it easy to share your products with friends.

Bootic: An online marketplace that lets smaller retailers, even general consumers, sell their wares without any extra fees or hassle.

Pumodo: An app that lets parents, coaches, or team managers live stream their games (or matches) to those who can’t attend through crowdsourcing different media from the game.

Dragonfly: An online platform that connects freelancers with digital agencies.

NVN (EnovationNation): A platform where users can share their ideas, inventions, and innovations, which can be sold to larger companies that can make the ideas a reality.