Richard Jalichandra Calls Time On MapMyFitness, Resigns As CEO

MapMyFitness has been on a roll lately. Debuting in 2005, the veteran of the online health and fitness space has built a suite of websites and apps (like,,, et al) that let users track and store their running, cycling, walking and hiking activities — along with offering routes, fitness calculators, nutrition tracking, events and more.

CEO Richard Jalichandra joined the startup from Technorati last year, and has overseen the company’s strong recent growth, as it has passed 9 million registered users and attracted 30 million downloads. In spite of (or because of) strong recent growth, today we’ve learned that Richard has stepped down from his position as MapMyFitness CEO, posting the update on his Facebook account.

To give some context, in June, MapMyFitness raised $9 million in Series B financing from Austin Ventures and Milestone Venture Partners, with new strategic partners like Competitor Group and The Running Company joining in on the round. The round brought the startup’s total to $15.5 million.

Richard also told us back in July that the startup had added another $3 million in term debt from Square 1 Bank, which he told me at the time he thinks speaks to the strength of the financial numbers that, of course, he wouldn’t disclose for us. He said at the time that it was just the beginning, or starting amount, of what would become a much larger number of what would presumably be its Series C.

It also launched the biggest redesign in its history recently, which brought a host of updates and cool new features to the platform. I wrote a lengthy piece on it at the time, describing the redesign, check it out here for more. And more on the startup’s $9 million raise here.

We’ve reached out to Richard to confirm his departure, find out the reasons behind his resignation and to ask him what he’ll be up to next and will update as soon as we learn more.