guestHub Helps Identify Brand Campaign Influencers

I didn’t think that I would travel 2,400 miles to attend and help cover TechCrunch Disrupt, only to run into a startup from my home town of Columbus, OH, but lo and behold — it happened.

guestHub, are here at Disrupt, showing off their new platform for identifying conversion-driven influencers as they pertain to marketing events and campaigns. It officially launches today.

What does “conversion-driven influencers” mean and how does it work? Basically, guestHub is a platform-agnostic approach to identifying consumers — possibly unknown to a brand — who are influencers to their peers within event marketing campaigns.

For example, if you decide to attend a concert or conference or event and you forward that information to your friend, and then they forward it to a friend…all the activity following that original forward can be tracked and the person who originated the sharing can be identified and rewarded.

Importantly, they are identifying connections between the smallest groups of friends which they have determined to be much more important than the influence by uber-popular people already visible on social networks. These smaller influencers can be rewarded for their brand advocacy.

guestHub integrates with other existing campaign platforms — they are currently partnered with Eventbrite — and this is a smart move. Because of this, users don’t have to be explicitly registered with guestHub to be identified, but rather they absorb the registration from the host campaign app so there is no additional barrier. This privately collected data is available by subscription basis.

More information and a demo video that describes the service is at