Diane von Furstenberg Models Wear Google Glass On The Catwalk

We were talking with the New York fashion community about postponing New York Fashion Week for a few days while we ran Disrupt, but they just wouldn’t listen. What’s more, Sergey Brin and Google sent a bunch of Google Glass devices to Diane von Furstenberg (a famous designer) who outfitted her gamine charges with some of the most sought-after tech in the nerdosphere.

Also Sarah Jessica Parker tried them on.

It’s clear that Google feels that these GooGlasses will probably receive a chilly welcome from the world at large and this is one of the outreach efforts that will encourage folks to at least give them a fair shake. I worry that these sorts of shows will turn Glass into the must-have accessory of the year and that space-age Internet glasses will replace the Bluetooth headset as the douche gear of the next decade.

It’s not all bad. After all, it’s about to democratize VR for the masses, which is pretty amazingly badass. As Joel Johnson of the new blog Mote And Beam notes, “I don’t hate it? As a gimmick, it’ll only work once. But it’s not overly distracting.”

via Buzzfeed