Dave Morin Says China Is Path’s Second Biggest Country

Path CEO Dave Morin offered some updates on the company’s growth while on-stage today at TechCrunch Disrupt. Version 2.0 of the journaling/personal networking app launched back in November, and Morin said the momentum from that launch has continued in recent months.

A lot of the early growth with Path 2.0 was in Japan and Korea, and Path’s second largest user base is in China, he said. Things have been picking up in the United States, too, especially in “these nice metro pockets.”

When asked to put a number on that growth Morin repeated a stat that he’d previously shared, that Path has more than 3 million downloads. However, he said the metric he cares about most is engagement — and in Path’s case, more than half of the total user base is active, something he called “really exciting for us.”

As for what those users are actually doing, Morin says photosharing remains the most popular activity. Music-sharing recently surged ahead to number two spot, overtaking the ability to announce when you fall asleep and wake up. That may seem like bad news for the sleep feature, but Morin says he’s actually been surprised by how popular it has been — in fact, before the launch of 2.0, he was even thinking of cutting the sleep feature out.

“I never would have expected it to be our third most popular type of content,” he said.

Morin also discussed Path’s competition, which we covered in a separate post.