Cory Booker: “Mark Zuckerberg Is An American Hero”

When discussing social media and how he uses it for his political work as mayor of Newark, New Jersey, Cory Booker called out Facebook CEO Mark Zuckberg as an “American Hero” for his work on connecting the world.

As you might know, Booker worked with Zuckerberg to bring $100 million in funds to schools that needed it in Newark. It was a pretty huge deal, and a step in the right direction for Zuckberberg in the public eye, as this came on the tail of the release of “The Social Network.”

The pair even went on Oprah to discuss the donation.

Zuckerberg follows a long line of tech CEOs that have started charitable campaigns, namely Bill Gates, who founded Microsoft.

Coming off of his speech at the Democratic National Convention, Booker definitely brought his usual charismatic thunder to Disrupt.