TechCrunch Disrupt Goes Global With Babelverse’s Real-Time Translation

TechCrunch has millions of readers around the globe, and they speak far more languages than our staffers or guests at Disrupt. To make it easier for our global readers to enjoy the conference, we are excited to partner with Babelverse, a Disrupt NYC 2012 Battlefield finalist, to provide real-time, simultaneous translation of the conference (September 10-12, 9am to 6pm PDT).

Anyone watching the live webcast can visit and select from one of 12 languages and hear a real person (not a language bot!) translate each session.

The 12 languages are:
– Español (Spanish)
– Français (French)
– Português (Portuguese)
– Deutsch (German)
– Italiano (Italian)
– 普通话 (Mandarin Chinese)
– Русский язык (Russian)
– मानक हिन्दी (Hindi)
– 日本語 (Japanese)
– 한국말 (Korean)
– Türkçe (Turkish)
– Arabic

We hope that this is a small step to help startup fans everywhere follow TechCrunch.

Babelverse also recently announced that they raised a seed round led by 500 Startups.