Meet The Disrupt SF 2012 Hackathon Winners: Livebolt Takes Grand Prize, Auctopus And HeatData Are Runners Up

The night has been a long one for our intrepid crew of hackers, and all their arduous, caffeine-fueled work has led to this moment. A stunning 147 teams have taken the stage here at Disrupt SF to deliver their fast and furious one-minute pitches — that’s more than we’ve ever had before. Still, only three teams will get the chance to demo their projects on-stage once Disrupt kicks off proper, and only one can claim the $5,000 grand prize.

Well, enough with the dramatics — here is your Disrupt Hackathon winner and the two runner-ups!

Winner: Livebolt

Livebolt is a cloud-based identity management system that consists of a $60 block that slides on the back of a physical lock and an iPhone app. Once they’ve been authenticated, users can use the iPhone app to authorize a piece of metal that actually locks and unlocks the door.

Runner-Up #1: Auctopus

A service that allows sellers on sites like Craigslist to operate auctions directly from their listing. When interested users bid in that auction, the seller gets a nifty notification.

Runner-Up #2: HeatData

HeatData allows proprietors of mobile websites to track users’ gestures so they can see how users interact with the page and determine what design and UI changes should be made.

Special mentions: Launch Me, Instamillion, Pardon The Disruption, and NoFacebook

Those projects in particular may have tickled the judges’ fancies, but that’s not to say that everyone else is going home empty-handed — AT&T, Evernote, dotCloud, Elite Strategies, Ford, Locu, Microsoft Bizspark, Dropbox, New Relic, Pearson, Qualcomm Innovation Center, Qualcomm Labs, SAP HANA, SkyDrive, TokBox, Twilio, and Zypr all have awarded their own prizes to award to the teams who make the most innovative use of their services.

And who, exactly, decided the fate of these 151 hackers? Our panel of judges includes Kent Brewster, Greylock principal Josh Elman, Google+ Product VP Bradley Horowitz, Science co-founder/partner Peter Pham, Vivek Ravisankar, Yahoo! research scientist David A. Shamma, and Menlo Ventures Managing Director Shervin Pishevar.