Hackathon Entrant Appetize.co Lets You Record In-App Video Demos

If you’re working on an iOS app and would like to demonstrate key features to users, Appetize.co makes things a little bit easier. Rather than hacking together in-app videos, Appetize allows programmers to add one line to their code that can simulate button presses and swipes. You can then play these movies back in the app itself during demonstrations.

I picked this project out of the scrum because the team not only built the project but also built a handsome website and offered the SDK on launch. The team hopes to potentially commercialize the project and is working on Android and web-based versions of the platform. While these sorts of things aren’t new, this essentially takes out the problem of pre-rendering the video and allows programmers to initiate interactions on the fly.

The team, Matt Van Veenendal, Glen Tregoning and Matthias Link. They met at the hackathon and worked through the night to build their project. It’s a great example of what a few dedicated programmers and a crack UX guy can build in a day.

Project Page