ioSafe Crowdfunds Its Latest Disaster-Proof Hard Drive

Storing data in the home instead of on the cloud has always been tricky. Sure, the cloud is easy to use, but what if Amazon or Google go belly up or the server farm in Kansas burns down? ioSafe has been building “Disaster-Proof” hard drives for years and they’ve turned to Indiegogo to launch their latest model, the N2.

The drive not only stores data inside a fire and waterproof box, it also offers up to $5,000 of data recovery service if the drive fails. Because it’s a NAS, you can connect to it from anywhere and listen to music, watch videos, and browse photos from the road.

It can hold up to 8TB of data and offers hot-swappable RAID support. A pledge of $499 gets you a diskless drive and for every $500,000 raised every diskless supporter gets 2 TB of storage (up to 6TB). Not a bad deal for a hard drive that can survive a missile strike (maybe).