Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Is Going To Keep Up The Disruption At Disrupt SF

You might have heard of Uber and its quest to transform the way we transport ourselves from one place to another. You might have also heard that the company has faced some challenges along the way, challenges to which it didn’t and still doesn’t flinch.

You also also might have heard that the company now faces some stiff competition, and is making adjustments accordingly. Disrupt! (We love that word.)

In an ode to all that is badass about startupery and its motto of “breaking stuff in order to fix it,” Uber CEO Travis Kalanick will be at Disrupt SF, taking the stage with me in a twenty-minute fireside chat, to talk about, oh, well all the crazy stuff he’s been up to these past couple of months.

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Travis Kalanick
Co-founder and CEO, Uber

Travis Kalanick is a successful entrepreneur in the areas of consumer Internet, transportation, and enterprise content delivery.

His most recent company, Uber, an on-demand black car service, seeks to be “Everyone’s Private Driver” by bringing disruptive technology and business innovation to urban transportation challenges.

Prior to Uber, Travis founded Red Swoosh, an enterprise content delivery company that he sold to Akamai Technologies in 2007. Prior companies include Scour, the world’s first p2p search engine where Kalanick also attained the dubious distinction of having been sued for $250 billion.

In addition, Kalanick has been an active angel investor in, and advising, kick-ass startups founded by truly awesome entrepreneurs. You can connect with Travis on Twitter @travisk, read his blog, or ask him anything on Formspring