Loopcam Updates App And Releases First Ever Animations Shot In North Korea

Clever ‘gif animations’ startup Loopcam has released it’s new version which has been more or less been rebuilt from the ground up. This is an infectious app and has cleverly hooked into the craze for creating funny animations.

Sitting between photographs and video, Loopcam captures a series of frames through an iPhone or iPad camera stop-motion style, which are merged into an animation to share and which can be embedded on a site. The new version features more social features, a upgraded design, deeper Facebook integration through the Open Graph. Berlin-based Loopcam is backed by Passion Capital and a syndicate of local angel investors.

It’s being used by musical producer Jermaine Dupri for instance.

But that’s not why we’re mentioning it today.

Founder Tor Rauden Källstigen became an occasional traveller to North Korea, after working with the project called Noko Jeans (which has since finished), which made the first and only jeans ever to come from North Korea.

While on a recent trip there Källstigen managed to record some loopcam loops.

Thus we present exclusively for you the first ever gif animations ever been made in North Korea.

We have some street scenes, some kind of fair ground attraction and Källstigen waving goodbye.