The First Third-Party Games Go Live On

Zynga first announced its Zynga Platform for social games back in March. Since then, Zynga’s own games have gone live at, and the company has been revealing more details and partners. What seems to have been missing until now, however, were actual games, built by companies other than Zynga and live on the platform,.

So today, at a press event highlighting Zynga’s partners, the company said the first third-party games have launched at — four games, specifically. The titles are:

Zynga also announced nine new partners for the Zynga Platform: Antic Entertainment, Big Bite Games, CrayonPixel, Eruptive Games, JamRT, The Method, Playnery, RocketPlay, and TikGames. That brings the total number of platform partners to 24.

The platform allows developers to post to the stream of social gaming activity at, and also to include social features like chat and multiplayer. It’s available for both web and mobile games. In fact, Zynga says it recently launched its first partner game for mobile — Horn by Phosphor Games.

You can read more about the new games in this blog post from Zynga.