Stanford’s StartX Incubator Says It’s Number 2 In Funding Per Startup, With $80M Raised Over 2 Years

Tonight at the StartX demo day, the Stanford-based incubator provided a few metrics as a validation of its model. Among other things, StartX announced companies that have gone through its program have raised a total of $80 million. With about $1.3 million raised per startup, it’s ahead of most for-profit incubators. In fact, it claims to be Number 2 in the incubator space, behind Y Combinator.

This is the seventh and largest StartX class, with 18 startups presenting. It’s now had more than 90 companies have gone through the program. About 85 percent of those startups have gotten funded. (Compare some of its stats to TechStars’ public data.)’

StartX is a non-profit program, and announced today that it has now raised more than $1 million. That’s up from the $800,000 that it had previously received through a grant from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. The increase comes as StartX adds funding from Microsoft, Greylock Ventures, and AOL. Microsoft, in particular, announced it “joined in a big way” as a backer of the StartX program.

We’ll have a list of our favorite new startups from the StartX Summer 2012 class in a little bit, so stay tuned.