Rocket Fuel’s Audience Accelerator Helps Publishers Deliver More Ad Impressions

Rocket Fuel, a startup that optimizes ad campaigns using artificial intelligence, is announcing a new product for publishers (and vertical ad networks) called Audience Accelerator.

Vice President of Business Development Paul Wenz, who’s leading the Audience Accelerator team, says the goal is to help publishers offer a bigger audience to advertisers without sacrificing the quality of those eyeballs. The product uses Rocket Fuel data to create a model of a website’s audience, then reaches a similar-but-bigger audience by purchasing ad inventory on other properties. That means publishers can have the scale to go after much bigger ad campaigns, and can offer new products anc packages to advertisers. Rocket Fuel claims that the Audience Accelerator reaches across display, social, mobile, and video ads, and that it has access to 99 percent of the US online audience.

There are other audience extension services out there, but Wenz says they’re “complicated and fall short.” Rocket Fuel claims to offer a full-service solution, with tools like RFP (request for proposal) response, sales training, and marketing materials. The service also includes analytics, with data from 25 providers.

Even though the company is only announcing the product today, the Audience Accelerator is already in-use with 30 publishers, including MapMyFitness and Martini Media. Rocket Fuel says that early campaigns have shown a 5-10x increase in audience reach, and a 3-5x increase in engagement.

Earlier this year, the company announced that it had its very first profitable quarter.