Natasha Bryant-Raible Wins Our Disrupt Remix Contest With Top Track Out Of 445 Entries

Whoa! That was quite a response. TechCrunch got 445 entries to our Disrupt Remix Contest. Check them all out below. After many hours of music screening, our busy Event Director Joey Hinson has chosen a winner. It was a difficult pick because so many were so good. But, now we are proud to announce the winner. Drumroll please. It’s Natasha Bryant-Raible, with her “TechTechRastaCrunch” remix. She gets 2 free tickets to attend Disrupt SF next week and a free Pro SoundCloud account.

Here’s her remix, that will also be played during Disrupt.

In addition to creating our catchy music, our partners Smith & Keats provided individual audio loops based on the full compositions, so our mixers would have more options.

You can find all the contest entries here.

A very large number of the tracks came via Songster, a Facebook game that lets anyone create great sounding mixes. Marshall Seese, the founder and CEO of, which makes Songster, read about our contest. He asked if he could make our tracks their “free song pack of the week” and we said “sure.”

Seese told us he “developed Songster so that anyone, regardless of musical talent, could feel the creative thrill of making their own song. When we saw that TechCrunch was hosting a remix contest, we wanted to help open it up to the masses by using our technology to drive many more remix submissions than would otherwise been possible.” And it sure did.

While we didn’t know this when we picked our winner, Natasha works at Mowgli and does a lot of DJing on the side.

Here’s all our original tracks from Smith & Keats, including some new ones making their official debut next week:

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the contest.