Best Email Ever: How One Soldier Stationed In Afghanistan Got His Amazon News Today

It’s only my third official day on the job at TechCrunch, but it’s been a pretty awesome time thus far. For example, we saw an email come through the wires that stopped us in our tracks during our Amazon coverage today. It was technology-related…but not.

We have some great readers, but this particular reader has an interesting story. He’s not in Silicon Valley, he’s in Afghanistan, protecting the United States of America. That’s pretty brave and makes you wonder about all of the things you complain about on a daily basis, as in, are they really all that bad?

It seems like Ryan is a tech enthusiast and wanted to keep up with Amazon’s announcement, and we’re lucky enough that TechCrunch is his publication of choice. With his permission, I wanted to share his email:

Subject line: Thank you for covering the Amazon 2012 Conference

To whom this may concern,

I could not find a general contact email, so I will use this.  I am deployed to Afghanistan and try to keep up with what is happening via techcrunch.  Our internet is slower than dial-up most days, so I was really impressed that I was able to follow the conference via typed updates on your site.  Thank you for covering the event the way you did.  Keep doing the good stuff you do.  I was afraid that I would be left out because I would not be able to see streaming video from the event.

Thanks again

Ryan has a pretty geeky email signature, too:

We’re pretty lucky to get to do what we love, which is tell stories about companies and products that a lot of people use. It’s pretty cool when people to let us know that they appreciate our work, especially when it’s from someone who has a pretty hectic work situation compared to ours.

We here at TechCrunch salute you, Ryan, along with all of the other men and women who protect our country.

[Photo credit: Flickr]