Eric Schmidt: “There Are Now 1.3 Million Android Device Activations Per Day”

Bam! Eric Schmidt just dropped bombshell number during the opening of Motorola’s “On Display” event. Giving context to the sheer size of Android’s growing ecosystem stated that there are now 1.3M Android devices activated each and every day. He added why Google needed Moto Mobility, “We have to play in this ecosystem. We have to be competitive and state of the art.”

Android is growing at a rapid pace. Last December there were 700k devices activated each day. Then, earlier this summer, that number was at 900k. One month later in late July it hit 1M. Now, in early September, there are 1.3M devices activated every single day.

Schmidt later added that there are close to 500 million Android devices worldwide right now. As comScore noted the other day, that’a factor of at least two or three times greater than the competitor.

Out of the 1.3M Android activations, 70k are just tablets, something that Schmidt acknowledged Google was late to embrace.