DreamHost Enters Cloud Storage Fray With Ceph-Powered DreamObjects

In the beginning there was Amazon Simple Storage Service. And it was good. Soon after came Rackspace Cloud Files. And it was good. Today DreamHost is announcing their DreamObjects cloud storage solution to offer customers another hosted storage option.

DreamObjects storage is provided by Ceph, the distributed object store created by DreamHost co-founder Sage Weil. Ceph itself offers API compatibility with Amazon S3 and OpenStack Swift (the storage backend that Rackspace uses), which makes it easier for DreamHost to court customers from both of those services. This API flexibility makes DreamObjects an attractive option for folks looking to spread their risk around between multiple storage providers.

The Ceph underpinnings allow DreamHost to provide resilient distributed storage on commodity hardware. DreamObjects pricing is a flat $0.07 per gigabyte of data per month, with a similar $0.07 per gig transferred out. They explicitly state “no nickel and dime charges for API requests or other bothersome fees,” obviously hoping to position DreamObjects as a viable long-term data archive for your digital life.

DreamObjects represents the largest public deployment of Ceph. This isn’t terribly surprising, given how new Ceph is. It’s also not terribly surprising that DreamHost is using Ceph, since the technology was developed by one of the DreamHost co-founders. Clearly, though, it’s a testament to how confident they are that the technology is ready for prime time.