All Of Google’s Social Pieces Come Together For New York Fashion Week Brands And Fans

More brands are gravitating towards Google’s social offering, Google+ as of late, and it looks like the latest comes from the high-end fashion realm.

During New York Fashion Week (NYFW), brands and fans will be able to participate in some pretty exclusive Hangouts and On Air Events being broadcast on YouTube, as well as speak directly to them through their Google+ profiles. While I’m not a fashion fan, obvs, I can appreciate the ability to use technology to tie things together. It’s a win-win for everyone: brands get interaction, fans get access.

Fashion week has started and runs through next Thursday.

Hangouts are being used from everything to debut movie trailers, to running weekly meetings in an office setting. Why not fashion? Here’s what the team had to say about all of the events:

With YouTube and Google+, everyone can get a front row seat right from their desktop, mobile phone or tablet:
We will be streaming more than 30 fashion shows live on the YouTube Live from the Runway channel, sponsored by Maybelline, giving you front row access from your living room.

Google’s social efforts aren’t beginning and ending on a destination site, it’s quite clear that these social hooks reach far outside of a stream. What’s also interesting to note is the hot landgrab for brands between Twitter, Facebook and Google. It seems like all three companies are rushing to do partnerships with iconic companies.

Get the full schedule on the blog post here.

[Photo credit: Flickr]