New App Uses Eisenhower’s Method To Get Your Things Done

There are plenty of “Get Things Done” apps out there like Things and Priority Matrix which either focus on GTD or don’t rely on a time management philosophy. Then there are those like hot Berlin-based startup Wunderlist from 6wunderkinder with a very design-led approach.

Now bootstrapped is bringing out its iPhone app based on the ‘Eisenhower matrix’ time management principle, with a corresponding web client. Costing $1.99, the app synchronizes your tasks with the free web application.

The original Eisenhower matrix of four quadrants hasn’t been done much on mobile apps because of its less-than friendly mobile shape, but these guys seems to have come up with a neat solution.

Founders Andreas Kwiatkowski and Tim Brückmann are launching the app out of Cologne, Germany. Let us know what you think in the comments.