HTC Schedules September 19th Event, Expect Windows Phone 8 Devices

HTC is having a party and the media is invited. Scheduled for September 19th in New York City, it’s highly likely that HTC will debut Windows Phone 8 devices at this event.

The rumor mill has been slow to churn out a high volume of HTC rumors as of late, but the time frame seems right for a Windows Phone 8 device. If HTC does reveal its upcoming Windows 8 devices, chances are they will not be available immediately. The mobile platform, and launch devices from HTC and Nokia, are expected to launch alongside Windows 8 in November.

The invite itself doesn’t lend many hints about the possible launches. There’s a small icon at the bottom but it feels like nothing more than a simple reference to Window Phone 8’s design language, previously known as Metro.

Fall is set to be a busy time for the mobile industry. Motorola and Nokia are expected to reveal their flagship devices this week. Apple should launch the new iPhone next week and now, HTC, not to be outdone scheduled this event where it will likely throw down its best as well. Hopefully your mobile phone contract is up. The market is about to be flooded with a bunch of new devices.