Vibease: The Long-Distance Relationship You Always Wanted

We’ve seen quite a few startups try to disrupt relationships lately. There’s Dejamor, which sends you a box of romance each month, Boink Box, which sends you a box of sex toys, and I seem to remember a somewhat embarrassing interview with OhMiBod at CES.

And today, yet another sexy startup joins the space. It’s called Vibease, and it’s a “massager” as they say, that hooks up to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can text chat, a bit like Pair, while your lover can control your massager from across the country, and vice versa.

The app offers text and picture messaging, along with the ability to create custom vibrations. You can also set a nickname instead of using your real name (God forbid some friend or mom see your name flash across the screen next to “Vibease”).

For the moment, Vibease doesn’t quite have their Bluetooth massager ready for market. “It won’t take long,” they say. But in the mean time, the Vibease app will use the phone’s vibrator “as a tease.” Plus, there’s a “Solo Mode” with ambient noise like Rain or Deep Breathing, which lets you drop it like it’s hot all on your own.

Vibease is only launching on Google Play today, with iOS coming in the near future. The team wants to get traction and feedback on the app before shipping the Bluetooth bunny.

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