The Value Of Your iPhone Drops Every Second, So Try This

The value of your current iPhone is going down as I write this very sentence. And according to Gazelle, current iPhone models traditionally depreciate about 25 percent a couple weeks before the next generation iPhone is unveiled. And guess what? The new iPhone is about two weeks away.

As Rafiki would say in the Lion King, “it is time.”

But what do you do?

Well, lucky for all of us, the guys over at ZDNet put together a nice little price comparison of all your various trade-in programs, which you can find here. The best deal seems to come by way of Amazon’s Trade-In program, which is offering up to $400+ for an excellent-condition iPhone 4S.

Unfortunately, most of those deals force you to return your current iPhone immediately. And who wants to be without their smartphone for a month?

Not I!

For this very reason, Gazelle is offering a cool deal (which ends today, so move now) that will lock in the current price of your iPhone, based on the condition it’s in. But — and this is a big but — you can keep your phone until October 1. That means that there’s a possibility you could get your new iPhone before you ever have to send your current one back. That, of course, depends on how well Apple meets demand, and how quick you are at purchasing gadgetry through a crashing site.

Or, you could just stand in line on September 21.