Serendip Helps You Discover Music And DJ Friends By Creating A Playlist Shared By Your Friends

When it comes to music discovery, technology and the Internet opened a lot of possibilities. Yet, and this is what Serendip is all about, music curation by your friends or knowledgeable people are frequently much more valuable than what you could get from an automated service. Today, Serendip is launching out of private beta and is now available for everyone.

The service aggregates all the songs that your friends share on Twitter and Facebook and arrange them in a playlist. Then, it includes some songs by users who liked the same artists as you or your friends.

You can choose to follow them to get the music that they share in your playlist. In other words, Serendip helps you find your music soul mate, the person with whom you share the same taste in music.

On the technological side, Serendip uses YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud and Bandcamp to create the playlists. It puts the videos or songs back to back. Every user gets a profile page where songs shared on Twitter, Facebook or Serendip can be played. You can share this profile on the web to show what kind of music you like.

Other than that, it looks and acts a lot like Twitter. You follow people in order to see their songs in your stream. You can even ReAir a song. If you like a user playlist, you can share it using a link on Twitter or Facebook for example.

Finally, there are some people in your Facebook friends or that you follow on Twitter with whom you don’t share the same view on music at all. You have the ability to mute them on Serendip in the settings. That way, they won’t clog your playlist. If you liked an artist page or a radio page on Facebook, the songs they share will appear on the service as well.

The service shares some similarities with This Is My Jam but tries to focus more on discovering DJs you may like. It now has six employees and has received almost $1 million in seed funding.