Mix-Up Or Must-Buy Phone? Motorola May Reveal Smartphone With Edge-To-Edge Screen Next Week

Motorola is dead-set on showing off some new hardware at its New York press event next week, but could it have more up its sleeve than we all expected?

A handful of leaks (accidental and otherwise) have already outed the Droid RAZR M and the long-awaited RAZR HD, but Bloomberg seems to have confirmed the existence of another new Motorola handset whose description doesn’t seem to match up with anything I’ve seen recently.

This device’s claim to fame is its use of an edge-to-edge display, which neither of the two previously-spotted devices seems to sport. Arguably the RAZR M (seen above) comes the closest to that description — its 4.3-inch qHD Super AMOLED Advanced panel is bound only by a small bezel — but Bloomberg’s Jon Ehrlichman was quick to note in a tweet prior to the article being published that the device was “sans bezel.” The report goes on to mention that the device in question was compatible with LTE networks, though that’s hardly a surprise considering Motorola’s track record.

So, obviously, the big question is “is this thing legit?” For what it’s worth I think it’s real, but I’m not so sure about some of the details that Bloomberg cites. For one, Bloomberg’s source has pegged this handset as debuting at next week’s (9/5) Motorola event. Possible sure, but given the device’s crazy display, it seems like the sort of device that would take center-stage at a Motorola/Intel event on September 18, at which the companies promise to bring attendees “to the edge.” Get it? The edge? Edge-to-edge screen? Oh fine, I’ll shut up.

It’s also possible that the device in question is one of the two we’ve previously seen (which would make the September 5 date more accurate), but I rather doubt that; Bloomberg’s descriptions seemed too simple to misinterpret.

Of course, Bloomberg may well be right on all the marks, and I may just be reading too much into things. Whether or not these particular pieces add up, that kind of a display could be a hell of a boon for Motorola Mobility — the smartphone market is always full of fierce competitors, and some nifty new screen tech could be just what the proverbial doctor ordered (just look at the Retina Display). I’ve heard rumblings of a similarly-styled smartphone in the past, but Motorola seems poised to make quite a splash if it appears as reported within the next few weeks.