YC-Backed Private Photo-Sharing App Everyme Raises $2.15M From Tencent And Others

So you’ve got your photos on Facebook, and you’ve got them on Instagram, and on Path. But what about that stuff that you don’t want everyone to see? Just some people? That’s what group photo-sharing app Everyme is for. And it’s just raised an additional $2.15 million to get more people using it.

Everyme is Y Combinator-backed mobile startup that allows users to create groups for private photo sharing. The startup launched its iPhone app in April, and followed that up with an Android app and Instagram integration a month later.

CEO Oliver Cameron confirmed that Everyme has raised an additional $2.15 million in a Series A round led by Chinese Internet giant Tencent, with participation from its existing angel investors. [SEC filing here] Previously, it had raised $1.5 million from investors that include CrunchFund, Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock, Tencent, SV Angel, Dave Morin, Joshua Schachter, and Vivi Nevo. Everyme now has seven employees and is based in Mountain View, Calif.

Despite having what CEO Oliver Cameron called an “anti-viral” approach to photo sharing, Everyme has been able to attract users to the service. Unlike other photo apps, which typically send photos out to all sorts of social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, Everyme is all about ensuring that only designated members of a group can upload or see photos.

It now has thousands of families using the app, he said, setting up groups to privately share photos between them. Families are a typical use case, as are groups of friends who go on trips together and want to share photos together without having to aggregate them from multiple photo albums on Facebook or other social networks.

But it’s not alone: there are other group photo and messaging apps that have similar functionality — like, for instance, Quilt, which just launched a few weeks ago. That, combined with the kind of anti-viral nature of what it’s doing, could make it tough to acquire customers weary of yet another social network. But who knows? This is a YC company we’re talking about, after all!