ePrize’s Sales Contest Builder For Salesforce Is Now Gamifying Within Comcast, Others

Always Be Gaming. That’s the first rule of sales under ePrize’s Sales Contest Builder which can turn any Salesforce task into a game. Best yet, ePrize, a Detroit-based startup fresh off its acquisition by private equity firm Catterton Partners, this morning is announcing  the app is gaining major traction, most notable deployed within the Detroit Pistons organization and Comcast.

The tool is available through Salesforce’s AppExchange and allows for the gamification of nearly any aspect of the sales process. This enables organizations to better incentivize their sales team while providing real-time feedback and analytics on the behavior. This tool was born within ePrize’s own sales force, showing that it’s often best to look within an organization for great ideas.. After all, ePrize itself is all about incentivizing behaviors.

“The beauty of Sales Contest Builder lies in its simplicity,” said Bob Marsh, Sales Contest Builder general manager, in a released statement to TechCrunch. “Salespeople are competitive by nature, and our app allows sales managers to tap into that competitive culture by creating competitions around whatever behavior they want to motivate. It’s big win for sales managers, enabling them to automatically monitor and motivate their teams to do everything from filling in needed fields in Salesforce to meeting daily sales call goals to scoring big sales.”

ePrize announced this morning the app is being used by Comcast, Federal Signal, InsideView, Dominion Enterprises and Palace Sports and Entertainment (the Detroit Pistons). The app exited beta last year and ePrize is seeing significant growth since it went public.

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