Dropbox Teams With Vimeo For Direct Video Uploads

Today Dropbox and Vimeo have put their heads together to let Dropbox users upload content directly to Vimeo.

Both companies have done a lot in the past few months to improve their user experiences. Dropbox now lets you share with links, and it was only a few months ago that Vimeo revamped the interface entirely, followed closely by the addition of customizable music options and a cloud-based enhancer tool.

According to the release, Dropbox users will be able to add their Vimeo account on the upload page or in account settings. It should be an available option under “Connect with Facebook” and “Connect with Twitter.”

From there, users will be able to upload content from their computer and/or Dropbox to Vimeo, for the world to see.

Here’s what Vimeo CEO Kerry Trainor had to say:

“Integration within Dropbox is something our community wanted for a while. This is another tool for them to upload and share their videos with friends and family, or the rest of the world.

Dropbox has seen some slight issues of late, but it’s good to see one of our tech darlings continue to iterate during a rough patch.