Yammer’s David Sacks To Join Us At Disrupt SF

One of the most rational voices in the Valley, David Sacks has hit many of the commonly agreed upon entrepreneurial “milestones,” and he’s only 40. Sacks is part of a mafia (PayPal), he’s had a pivot (MyGeni) and he’s won a TechCrunch startup competition, back when it was TechCrunch 50.

He’s also successfully built an enterprise product with Yammer and then sold it to Microsoft for over a billion dollars. He’s even dabbled in Hollywood. And now he’s arguing that there’s nothing left to do, debatably because he’s done it all (Okay, so maybe he hasn’t had an IPO besides PayPal, who’s counting really?).

No seriously, what’s next for David Sacks, other than a stint in politics? TechCrunch Disrupt that’s what. Sacks will be taking the stage with the other rockstars at what promises to be the Coachella of tech conferences, to give us his obviously keen observations of the future of the Valley, technology and innovation.

Folks, we are merely two weeks away from one of the most badass tech conferences of the year. Get your tickets here while you still can!

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David Sacks
Founder & CEO, Yammer, Inc.

David O. Sacks is the Founder and CEO of Yammer, Inc. Sacks was previously the COO of PayPal until its acquisition by eBay. Subsequently, he founded Geni.com, a family tree building and networking website. He also produced and financed the hit movie Thank You For Smoking. David recently sold Yammer to Microsoft for $1.2 billion.

David holds a B.A. in Economics from Stanford University and a J.D. from the University of Chicago Law School.