RAWR: Samsung Canada Wins The Internet With This Custom Galaxy S III

It all started with a simple Facebook message from a loyal Samsung fan to the company’s Canadian Facebook page. “I was just wondering if I could get a free Galaxy S3?” asked Shane. And for good measure the Samsung fanboy included a picture of a dinosaur going rawr. It wasn’t a very good drawing but it was cute. And cute counts.

Shane himself, age 26, told TechCrunch today he is far from an artist. Artist or not, he’s now the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S III with his artwork adorning the backside — and he got the customized phone for free.

The phone came from Samsung Canada. His phone is special. It’s a one-of-a-kind and according to the note displayed below from Samsung Canada, it’s the only customized Galaxy S III in Canada. Best of all, it’s a gift from Samsung Canada to Shane, apparently a sort-of thank you for the story that viral in May ahead of the Galaxy S III’s launch.

When Shane sent his little note to Samsung Canada in May, the phone had yet to hit the market. Samsung had just unveiled the phone and it wasn’t scheduled to hit the Canadian market until late June. But that didn’t stop Shane, a self-professed Samsung fan, who indicated to Samsung Canada that he already owned Samsung HDTV, Samsung notebook and a first-generation Samsung Galaxy S. But he wanted Samsung’s latest smartphone, too.

Samsung Canada didn’t respond to Shane’s note until the next day. As seen on this screenshot of the Facebook message (shown right), Samsung Canada politely explained that there is no way they could give everyone person who asked a free phone. Samsung would go out of business, explained the Facebook message. But as a parting gift, the company included a picture of a kangaroo. The story quickly went viral on Reddit. But the story didn’t end there.

Shane explained to TechCrunch that Samsung Canada contacted him previously and told him to expect a delivery of a phone within the next few days.

The phone not only has custom backart but also a special background that matches up artwork on the bezel. Samsung Canada says it’s the only one of its kind in Canada but it’s likely the only one like it in the world.

And the Internet says being a fanboy doesn’t pay. It clearly paid nicely in this case.


Pictures used with permission.