Garmin Announces Thinner, Lighter Garmin 10 GPS Watch

The $129 Garmin 10 is a new GPS watch by Garmin. Designed as a direct competitor to “grab and go” sport watches from Nike and Polar, the new watch offers training features like “Virtual Pacer” and auto pause settings as well as run/walk break setting for beginning runners.

The onscreen display shows calories burned, speed, distance, and time. It comes a few bright candy colors including green, pink, and black.

Garmin has historically been seen as the creme of the GPS watch world and they had multiple self-contained GPS devices years before competitors. Now, however, upstarts like Nike+ are cutting into the casual watch market. This Sub-$200 model is definitely much more interesting for, say, a weekend runner or 5-10K trainee.

The watches will be available this fall.

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