Enterprise App Testing Platform Sauce Labs Raises $3M From Salesforce And Triage Ventures

Sauce Labs, a a company that develops a web application testing platform for enterprise developers, has raised $3 million Series B funding round led by Triage Ventures with Salesforce joining as an investor. The company is also releasing a mobile web application testing cloud for Mac OS X, iOS and Android environments.

Sauce Labs offers automated and manual testing services for web applications in the enterprise. The Sauce testing cloud uses Selenium, an open source testing project and browser automation framework, to automate web browsers for testing purposes. With Sauce’s extended Selenium-based software, agile developers can test web applications across all major browsers, including Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera on Windows and Linux, while recording screenshots and videos of bugs.

The Sauce OnDemand testing cloud is already used to run approximately one million tests each month. To date, more than 20 million tests have run in the Sauce cloud.

Today, the company is also announcing support for MAC OS X and brings an automated testing cloud that leverages virtualization for iOS applications. The company says the new testing capabilities will reduce to just hours or days the testing and debugging process for applications for the iPad and iPhone.

Specifically, the mobile platform deploys a completely new, highly secure virtual machine in the cloud for each test. With support for apps on the iPad, iPhone and select Android devices, the mobile platform creates automatic video recordings of tests, automatic creation of application screen shots and organized links to mobile applications, and enables rapid collaborative debugging. This means developers can send a link to the video or screenshot of the failure to any member of the team with tools such as email, Yammer, or IM.