Here Comes Passbook: Latest Leak Points To NFC-Equipped Next-Gen iPhone

The next iPhone has already leaked out in almost every way, shape and form, yet new images continue to surface. This time, we’re allegedly seeing the most complete view of the next iPhone to date, including what appears to be an NFC chip.

Macotakara seems pretty confident in identifying the square component, with an EMI covering, as an NFC sensor. There are a few bits of evidence here that seem to match up.

For one, these photos were leaked from the same Photobucket account as those leaked front casing pics we saw back in Mid-July. These images, both the earlier, more bare-bones pictures of the front casing and these further assembled pictures, also match up with images leaked from other sources.

Secondly, pictures published by iLab (the ones that supposedly capture a fully assembled iPhone 5) seem to have an empty space next to the now-centered FaceTime camera, meant to house a sensor. Based on this latest leak, it would appear that much-awaited NFC will fill that hole.

Apple’s traditionally been great at keeping its forthcoming products under wraps, but this pre-iPhone season has been particularly fruitful. If we take all the evidence provided and pair it up with common sense, NFC seems like a very real possibility. Sure, Apple normally waits until new technology has been proven by its competitors, but NFC-equipped phones have been on the market for a while, namely Apple’s greatest competition, the Samsung Galaxy S III.

With the inclusion of Passbook in iOS 6, I feel comfortable believing that Apple will implement NFC come September 21. Along with the rumored 4-inch screen (which feels all but confirmed), the strange two-tone back panel, and the new mini-dock, it would seem that this should be one of the more transformed iPhone models ever.

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