Dude, Take A Vacation — What VMware CEO Paul Maritz Says He Is Excited About Now That He Is Moving On To EMC

CEO Paul Maritz has kept pretty quiet about what he wants to do now that he plans to take his new job reporting to EMC CEO Joe Tucci. But in a press conference today at VMworld with his replacement Pat Gelsinger, Maritz gave a bit of insight into what he is thinking about and what he is excited to be doing over the next few months.

The backdrop here is a shifting focus to the cloud but very much in a VMware centric view of the world, which you can get a glimpse of from my last post.

He started by saying he plans to take a long weekend — which he laughed at a bit. Long weekend? Isn’t everyone you know taking a long Labor Day weekend? Dude – take a week off — you deserve it.

He then gave a genuine view about what intellectually he is excited about exploring. Here are the topic areas he discussed:

He gave the usual preamble. It’s what can be done with the new capabilities that we have with the cloud and the way we can deploy resources in a more fluid way than ever before. Nothing new there, really.

The Facebook generation are the first to live in a post paper society. He also made a similar comment in the opening general session this morning. It’s an insight that gives some color into the focus on moving to the top of the stack with modern work tools such as the VMware Socialcast activity stream technology.

The emergence of the Internet of Things. Everything will be attached to the Internet. The amount of data generated will go up by a factor of 10 or 100. Now we are getting  interesting. Data, data everywhere.

You can’t put that data in a relational database. “We need new ways of thinking about things,” he said.  Hello NoSQL?

“That is what I look forward to spending the next several months doing,” Maritz said. “Who knows what will come of it.”