Hey Amazon Employees, Stop Talking To Us

Somebody at Amazon in Seattle just texted us a pic of this weird propaganda poster, posted in an elevator at Headquarters: A SECURE AMAZON BEGINS WITH YOU.

Basically, the message here is “Don’t talk to (or in front of) tech bloggers.” I’m assuming those two little Amazon employee locks (?) are discussing Amazon’s top secret Time Machine plans. And that Hamburgler guy looking all shady up there in the left corner of that Kindle is a tech reporter, who is trying to get the AMZN Time Machine scoop for his blog, “Tech Headlines.”

Hamburgler dude is obviously TechCrunch contributor Devin Coldewey, who somehow found out about the front-lit e-INK screen Kindle back in April.

So will these posters actually get employees to STFU before next month’s purported launch of a Time Machine that will take Amazon back to a simpler time before the iPad┬ánew Kindle ereader and an updated Kindle Fire? Seeing as though even this got sent to us, I’m going to go with “No.”

Also, if I ever leave TechCrunch, I’m starting a blog called “Tech Headlines.”