Give Your Instagram Pictures A Creative Commons License With I Am CC

The disconnect between smartphone-based Instagram and the Internet is relatively infuriating. For one, you can’t scroll through your friends’ photos, and perhaps more importantly, your can’t license your pictures so that anyone who wants can use them on the web.

But a new service called I Am CC has fixed that. Set up much like Flickr, I Am CC lets you grab all your Instagram pictures and license them under a Creative Commons license. This means that anyone on the web can use them (I can, for instance, use one of your photos as a lead image on TechCrunch), with the credit always going back to you.

Unlike Flickr, however, you can’t pick and choose which Instagram pics will get licensed. It’s an all-or-nothing type deal.

After giving the service access to your Instagram account, you’ll sign up for a three-month Creative Commons license, meaning that anything you Instagram for the next three months is available to the world. You can shut down I Am CC at any time, but anything that’s already been licensed cannot be revoked.

[Image credit: Matt Brennan]

[via LifeHacker]